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Beth Tikvah EMS Server

ComVida EMS Release

ComVida is very pleased to announce that EMS has been released.

This update focused on a few key issues reported by our users. This update also features a new Healthcare Benefit Trust Extract tool in EMS Payroll.

For a detailed list of SPRs addressed please visit http://www.comvida.com/ems-4-2-20-0

ComVida Employee Management System 4.2

ComVida is very pleased to welcome you to EMS 4.2. This latest release of EMS features several enhancements and updates.

Highlights of this release include:

Updated User Interface – All new data grids that feature sorting and filtering options, a re-designed menu system, and more user-friendly options will make managing your data even easier.

Browser & Tablet Support – EMS42 can be accessed with Internet Explorer 10 as well as several common internet browsers and on Apple iPad devices.

Notifications Sub-system – To facilitate on-line communication, including 'time reporting' and 'leave requests', between staff, supervisors and management, a new Notifications system has been added to EMS42. Pages are available in the Personal Information area, as well as in Scheduling and HR. Notifications, with optional email, will allow staff to record worked hours or request leaves, and for supervisors and/or managers to notify staff of upcoming events or expiration dates.

User-defined Pages in Personal Information – The Personal Information (Self-Serve) application is now fully customizable with straight-forward security configuration and direct access to all appropriate HR information, along with redesigned Scheduling pages.

Enhanced Scheduling Application – Viewing and coordinating employee assignments will be faster and easier than ever using the enhanced Shifts to be Filled, Block Booking and Annual pages.

Copy functionality in PR, SS & Enterprise Settings – The tables in Payroll, Scheduling and Enterprise Settings all now include a Copy button that will save time and decrease the chance for errors.

New Hyperlink Field Type in HR – Hyperlinks can now be stored in HR allowing for quick and easy website access, e-mail generation and document tracking.

Available Employees Field Selector – The Available employees list in the Shifts to be Filled page can be customized with user-specific fields and sort selections.

Contacting Employees via SkypeTM & E-mail – The Call Employee dialog has new options to contact an employee using SkypeTM (subscription or credits required), your default e-mail provider or even another internet telephone utility.

Block Booking Enhancements – The Block Booking page has been redesigned and now features colours, an extended display and a new option to view only employees that are available for the entire date range.

Annual Page Review – Weekends and days with multiple assignments are now easy to find on the updated Annual page in Scheduling as well as in the Personal Information area.